AWS Welding Certification – AWS Welder Program – Does it work?

AWS Welding Certification – AWS Welder Program – Does it work?

AWS Welding Certification – AWS Welder Program – Does it work?

What’s the American Welding Society (AWS) Licensed Welder Program?

Constructing tradesmen, welders comparable to pipefitters, boilermakers and ironworkers are required to move welding certification exams every time they enter a brand new job. For development employees, this can be a number of instances a 12 months. Typically welders even do the identical precise check a number of instances a 12 months. So somebody at AWS thought they may get rid of all this pointless testing by creating the AWS Licensed Welder Program.

How does the AWS Licensed Welder Program work?

AWS has a program for welding faculties and welding certification testing outlets to turn into what is called an AWS Accredited Welding Certification Testing Facility. Via an audit course of and a web site go to, the accredited check facility certificates is awarded if the standards are met. Welders who want to turn into licensed by way of the AWS Licensed Welder Program can seek for accredited check services on the AWS web site.

As soon as an accredited check facility is chosen, the welder contacts the AWS accredited check facility and arranges a date for the welding certification check occasion.

What kind of welding certification check is obtainable?

It relies on the capabilities of the AWS accredited check facility. A number of kinds of welding exams could be administered by a facility relying on accessible supplies and check gear.

Welding certification exams are often given utilizing a certified welding process or one that’s prequalified and accessible for buy from AWS.

How lengthy is the welding certification good for?

A welder who certifies utilizing the AWS Licensed Welder Program is licensed indefinitely offered she or he offers acceptable proof of welding exercise on the required intervals. The report of the welding exercise have to be auditable and documented.

What are the drawbacks?

There are lots of drawbacks. A $10 payment per certificates each 6 months? I might name {that a} setback. Particularly when you have 10 or 12 certificates.

Along with the prices, this system has not achieved widespread acceptance. In different phrases, contractors nonetheless wish to check welders as a substitute of counting on earlier certification … even when the welding certification is with AWS. My guess is as a result of the contractor is answerable for the standard of their welds, not AWS.

Some issues by no means change.

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