Garnet – It is not simply purple, it is a multi-colored gemstone

Garnet – It is not simply purple, it is a multi-colored gemstone

Most individuals consider a darkish purple gemstone once they consider garnet, however garnet is definitely an entire sequence of various gems. Past the well-known deep purple, garnet will be bought in shades of cinnamon to tangerine, orange, mild yellow, deep purple, grass inexperienced and tender lavender pink. Garnets are all these colours and plenty of extra. Garnets are literally a carefully associated group of various gems which can be out there in virtually any coloration. There are garnets that change coloration in several mild, translucent inexperienced garnets that appear like jade, and star garnets. Some garnet varieties have been mined for 1000’s of years and a few garnet varieties have solely been found in the previous few many years. Garnets are pretty exhausting and sturdy gems that are perfect for jewellery use, apart from demantoid, which is a bit softer and requires extra safety. As a result of some garnets are low-cost and have been used previously for affordable jewellery, garnet is the gemstone that simply does not appear to get the “respect” it deserves. That is quickly altering in mild of the numerous new forms of beautiful colours now out there in Garnet gems.

Garnets have been used as ornaments for over 5,000 years. Garnet beads have been present in Egyptian excavations courting again to 3200 BC. Aaron’s breastplate, which was worn round 2000 BC, is alleged to have contained a Garnet. Asians within the 4th century BC used garnets within the creation of their seals. Garnets have been usually carved in cameos and intaglios and worn in rings. Carbuncle is an outdated time period which often refers to a Garnet Cabochon. The again of the cockpit was opened to create a brighter Garnet and make it extra clear. The traditional world is filled with reward for carbuncle, the glowing purple coal of a gemstone we now know as garnet. The title garnet most likely comes from pomegranate. Many historical items of garnet jewellery are studded with tiny purple stones that look loads like a cluster of pomegranate seeds!

The Garnet group of minerals has 20 differing types. The most well-liked are Pyrope, Almandite, Spessartite, Grossular and Andradite. The chemical components for Garnet is advanced with all species having a barely completely different mixture of components. Throughout crystallization, some components are exchanged to kind a blended garnet composed of two or extra differing types. Pyrope-Almandite, Almandite-Spessartite and Pyrope-Spessartite are examples of all these intergrowth. Garnets have a hardness of 6.5-7.5 and are glorious selections for jewellery. Garnet crystals kind within the cubic system, often as a 12-sided crystal or dodecahedron. They’re out there in all colours besides pure blue. An issue with some garnet varieties comes from their deeply saturated coloration. In lots of varieties of garnets, particularly Pyrope and a few Almandines, gems reduce to giant sizes will probably be too darkish to mirror mild and the stones will seem black. It is very important contemplate this truth when buying bigger, deep coloured garnets. Typically, garnets aren’t handled to alter their coloration like many different stones. Here’s a transient description of a few of the hottest forms of garnet gems:


Almandine might be the most typical of the garnet household and is the deep purple to reddish brown stone that the majority usually involves thoughts when individuals consider garnets. It’s a low-cost stone, however new mines in East Africa are producing Almandine in probably the most fascinating purple to orange-red colours, which don’t have any brown undertones. The primary sources of Almandine are Madagascar, India and Sri Lanka. Almandines are generally out there in giant sizes, and most garnet sculptures are made in Almandine. Total glasses or vases are constituted of single crystals. Due to its depth of coloration and saturation, some very giant gems reduce from this deep-colored materials is not going to sparkle as a result of they’re too darkish to mirror mild.


Rhodolite is the title used to explain the attractive pink, purple or lavender purple garnets, that are a mix of almandite and pyrope. This title was first used within the late 1800s to explain Garnet’s new rhododendron selection found in North Carolina. Generally, Rhodolite Garnets aren’t as darkish as frequent Pyrope or Almandine Garnets. Most Rhodolites seen right this moment are of African origin and are shiny and clear gems. These are most likely the most well-liked garnets seen in high quality jewellery right this moment. Frequent shades of Rhodolite embody purple, purple-red stones, and the favored raspberry rhodolite, a wealthy red-purple coloration with shiny lavender highlights. Rhodolite garnet is mined in Africa, India and Sri Lanka. Brazil is producing a darkish purple rhodolite, generally known as grape garnet, due to its similarity in coloration to grape jam.


Tsavorite is probably the most fascinating of all garnets, with an exquisite readability and depth of its lovely inexperienced coloration. Till Tsavorite was found within the late Sixties, there was no different gemstone aside from emerald that might provide the gem purchaser such a wealthy, darkish inexperienced coloration. This magnificent inexperienced garnet has been in excessive demand in jewellery since its discovery, and for good purpose: it’s tougher than emerald, extra sturdy in jewellery, much less concerned than emerald, extra good when faceted and is far rarer than the emerald. Briefly, it’s (on all counts) a greater gemstone, however it lacks the magic and antiquity of the title “emerald”. Due to this, it’s recognized to far fewer individuals, is in far decrease demand, and is due to this fact far inexpensive than emeralds of comparable coloration. Nonetheless, as a consequence of its magnificence, Tsavorite is the costliest of the garnet household. It’s truly a type of grossular, coloured inexperienced by the presence of small quantities of the metallic vanadium.

Tsavorite was first found in Tanzania and Kenya; the title “Tsavorite” is definitely a commerce title created by Tiffany and Co., in reference to the Tsavo Nationwide Park in Kenya (situated close to the Tsavorite locality). The geology of Tsavorite is such that provide is extraordinarily sporadic. The heating and folding of the rock tons of of hundreds of thousands of years in the past that shaped Tsavorite additionally destroyed a lot of the crystals. It is extremely uncommon to seek out Tsavorite in sizes bigger than 5 carats, and most faceted stones are beneath two carats. Many Tsavorite deposits are small and unpredictable: the seams slim abruptly and disappear, giving no indication of the place to look subsequent. A lot of the tough may be very fragmented in place (as a consequence of earth actions over the centuries), which accounts for the good rarity of enormous, clear stones.

There have been maybe 40 completely different areas the place Tsavorite has been mined, however solely 4 mining ventures are nonetheless producing in industrial portions. Scorpion’s mine in southeastern Kenya is now producing from tunnels sunk right into a slope for greater than 200 meters. The opposite main producer on this space has a big open pit operation at a depth of 40 toes which has produced a major quantity of Tsavorite. Sadly, the homeowners are unable to proceed mining with this methodology and have begun to introduce underground mining. Lately, a brand new space of ​​Tsavorite manufacturing was found at Lokirima, a few thousand kilometers northwest of the beforehand recognized localities. Though this locality is producing solely a small quantity, it’s promising that the potential of discovering Tsavorite exists in a wider space than beforehand thought.

Tsavorite garnet has greater than tripled in value since its introduction to the market, however at present value ranges it nonetheless sells for a tenth or much less of the value of emeralds of comparable high quality. Stones over 2 carats are extraordinarily uncommon, and fantastically coloured 5 carat gems are digital museum items.

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