The Physique Crystal Matrix – Half Two

The Physique Crystal Matrix – Half Two

The human physique is a complicated, multi-faceted antenna system consisting of a crystalline matrix that repeatedly transmits and receives (transmits) knowledgeable energies. The matrix consists primarily of two distinct varieties of crystals referred to as piezo and liquid crystals. Partly one, we coated the operate of piezo crystals and the way they convert electrical vitality into mechanical vitality and vice versa, creating piezoelectricity. Within the second half, we are going to examine the rotation of liquid crystals within the matrix of the physique.

Like piezo crystals, liquid crystals additionally detect mechanical stress and alter form. These are the identical kind of crystals discovered in lots of flat display screen pc displays and televisions. The mouth that kinds on the backside of a cleaning soap dish additionally incorporates liquid crystals.

In accordance with Professor Peter J. Collings, who wrote the de facto normal ebook on the topic entitled Liquid Crystals: The Delicate Part of Nature’s Matter, liquid crystals have change into a serious supply of investigation because the Sixties. They’re of specific curiosity. for biologists, as a result of liquid crystals can even detect small adjustments in electromagnetic radiation ranges.

Cell membranes are liquid crystalline constructions. The configuration they kind helps separate the completely different elements of the cell from one another. Researching cell membrane operate might result in a larger understanding of why some anesthetics work so effectively, even at low doses. A greater understanding of how liquid crystals work within the physique might additionally assist deal with ailments reminiscent of a number of sclerosis, sickle cell anemia and even most cancers. As a result of the association of DNA in chromosomes additionally possesses a liquid crystal construction, geneticists are additionally investigating these distinctive parts.

Collings additionally means that “the flexibility of organic organisms to kind fluid constructions with some rigidity in an aqueous surroundings is crucial for the existence of life on this planet.” James L. Oschman, who’s the writer of Power Drugs: The Scientific Foundation, echoes this sentiment by stating that “crystal preparations are the rule, not the exception, in residing methods.” He additional means that vitality and physique staff utilizing quartz, shells and stones, that are additionally crystalline supplies, create resonant interactions with the liquid crystalline constructions discovered within the tissues. He states that, “The crystalline parts of the residing matrix act as a coherent molecular antenna, radiating and receiving alerts.”

The best way to tune this antenna is thru repetition of practices reminiscent of yoga, martial arts and even enjoying an instrument. These disciplines additionally embrace entrainment, which is the attention of breath and heartbeat rhythms that carry the physique and mind wave exercise right into a synchronous, harmonious state. Tightening the crystalline matrix on this manner brings the entire being right into a state of coherence. In different phrases, the entire being turns into one large, resonant antenna.

Coherent states are an vital topic of examine in quantum physics as effectively. Presently, a lot consideration is being targeted on the properties and traits of a Bose-Einstein condensate. As a substitute of the molecules in a substance appearing as particular person entities, when they’re cooled to the purpose of reaching a condensate stage, they out of the blue act as a unit. Particles like droplets tackle a wavelike nature, overlapping and interacting in such a manner that they lose their particular person id.

Oschman goes a step additional to say that the attraction course of is aided by phonons, that are a unit of measurement of the vibrational sound vitality that happens in a crystal lattice construction. He defines them particularly as, “electromechanical waves in a piezoelectric medium.” Phonons couple the physique’s pure sounds, reminiscent of these made by the guts and lungs, to the physique’s crystalline lattice constructions.

Phonons are to sound waves as photons are to mild waves. Phonons are thought of quantum harmonic oscillators, which means that they’re separated into common, discrete intervals. Mathematically, they obey the identical statistical relationships as are present in coherent quantum mild methods reminiscent of lasers.

Most newbie meditation practices give attention to respiratory and slowing the guts charge. By way of sound, this attracts the physique and mind exercise right into a synchronous state and begins to correctly align the physique’s antenna system to transmit increased frequencies inducing a coherent state.

From our bones to our cells, the physique’s crystalline matrix turns it into an enormous antenna for transmitting and receiving many varieties of knowledgeable energies, together with these filtered via delicate vitality our bodies. Historic conventional Chinese language medication states that this movement between the bodily physique and delicate vitality our bodies happens via exit and entry factors alongside the meridian system. Positioning the physique in sure ritual positions, reminiscent of these present in Tai Chi and yoga, helps to obtain these knowledgeable energies.

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