What number of stair hangers do you employ?

What number of stair hangers do you employ?

What number of stair hangers do you employ?

I get requested this query lots, what number of stair hangers do I take advantage of when constructing a set of stairs? These questions are literally simple to reply and with a bit of frequent sense and the flexibility to learn a tape measure successfully, I ought to have the ability to offer you a transparent clarification that provides you with the solutions you search.

It’s common within the development trade for roof rafters and ground joists to be 16 inches on heart and we will additionally use this measurement when constructing a brand new set of stairs and work out how a lot wire we really want to make use of.

If in case you have a ladder that’s 48 inches extensive and also you divide it by 16 inches on the middle measurement to 48 inches, you will discover that you should use it for ladder hangers. In case your stairs are between 30 and 36 inches, you will have three stair hangers.

What number of stair hangers you really want may even be decided by the thickness of your stair treads. If you are going to use a 4 x 12 stair tread, there is a good probability you may solely want one rung at every finish of the steps if the steps are lower than 40 inches extensive.

If you’ll use the two x 12 ladder, you possibly can place your cords 24 inches on heart. The thickness of the stair tread will have an effect on the variety of rungs you want, however you possibly can’t go unsuitable with the unique 16-inch-on-center measurement, except you are going to use stair treads which might be lower than 1 inch thick.

At all times verify with a development skilled first earlier than constructing your stairs to confirm the quantity of stair treads you will have. This text is simply meant to present somebody a normal thought, however it can’t be utilized in each scenario successfully.

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